b2b outreach

Full-service prospecting and outreach.

We can help you find your ideal customers and contact them via LinkedIn or Business Emails, follow-up and get them talking with your sales team. Focus on closing the deals and leave all the hard work to us.

b2b outreach
b2b outreach

What could be done with it

B2B Sales in any industry

Channel partnerships

B2C Sales – high net-worth individuals


Event promotion

how it works


We’ll do an onboarding call and determine:

  • Customer Persona

  • Targeting

  • Prospecting channels

  • Tone of voice

  • Business goals

  • Timeframe

  • Scope

  • Sales funnel


Our team will take care of the whole prospecting process and find the contacts of your perfect customers in all the relevant channels:

  • Business emails

  • Company

  • Position

  • First and Last Name


Our seasoned copywriters will analyze your goals and create:

  • Invite/First email

  • Follow-ups

  • Referral email

4Email set-up

We’ll take care of the details needed to avoid the Spam folder and land your emails in Inbox:

  • Technical delivery optimization

  • Email blacklist removal

  • Email verification

  • New email/domain set-up if needed

5Email warm-up

We’ll warm-up your email domain and IP with special tools in order to keep their reputation high and avoid landing in Spam.

  • 50 emails daily

  • Open email

  • Mark as important

  • Reply

6Email outreach

We’ll build an email drip campaign and contact your customers until they reply:

  • Email automation

  • Follow-ups

  • Open/Link tracking


Our account managers will monitor your campaigns and optimize them in order to get maximum results for you. We monitor:

  • Open rate

  • Email delivery

  • Click rate

  • Reply rate


Once we find the perfect combination of target, message and ROI, we can help you scale your sales:

  • Up to 50 Sales Rep

  • Up to 20K emails daily

  • Dedicated account manager


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So far I think the campaign

has been a great success. We have connected with many companies in Germany and Austria and I believe a number of them will lead to long-term business relationships.

Mike Hennessy
Mike Hennessy
CEO and Partner

We have used Zebra for a few campaigns

and really value the ability to directly reach so many prospects. This lead generation technique helps to fill our pipeline with fresh, qualified leads.

Angus Mackay
Angus Mackay
Marketing Director
Tiger Technology

I think the campaign went very well!

I’m also expecting great results. Thanks to your team for all the efforts.

Sergey Burushkin
Sergey Burushkin
Product Marketing Expert

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